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French is a romance language. Therefore it can trace most of its words back to Latin. However, the French empire was very, very large. France had colonies across Africa and the Middle East, along with North America for a brief period. Some French words are therefore of Arabic origin. In short, Latin and Arabic.
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What is the origin of the word french fries?

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Belgium. The way they are cut is the french way, so they are called french fries in America. in France they are just called frites, or fries.

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"French Exit" is merely a British equivalent of what is known in some places (mostly coastal cities in the northeast of the US) as the "Irish Goodbye." It describes a situatio

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French toast was known by several other names before French toast became the common. There are early mentions of French toast. The earliest it has been traced is to a 4th cent

The origin of french language?

Salut. Answer: French is developed from Latin as it was spoken in early Rome. It is actually divided into 3 types; early french; middle french (16e - 18e century); and, modern

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Early horns were less complex than modern horns, consisting of brass tubes with a slightly flared opening (the bell) wound around a few times. These early "hunting" horns were

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Please don't call it a French horn. The technical name is just horn, because, also in answer to your question, horns are from Germany. I don't know why they are called French

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English is not directly descended from French, but it is heavily  influenced by it. French is a romance language, meaning is is a  direct descendent of Latin, the language o