Where is Barack Obama's name from?

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Barack Obama's name is a family name from his Kenyan father.
  • Barack is an Arabic word for 'blessed'
  • Hussein means good or handsome in Arabic
  • Obama is a common surname in the Luo tribe
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Was Barack Obama's name Barry?

His name has always been Barack Hussein Obama. He may have had the nickname of 'Barry' when he was younger but that was never his given name.

What are Barack Obama's grandparents' names?

Grandfather - Fathers side - Hussein Onyango Obama Grandmother - Fathers side - Akumu Grandfather - Mothers side - Stanley Armour Dunham Grandmother - Mothers side

What was Barack Obama's father name?

Barack Obama's father was also named Barack Obama. Barack Senior was a Kenyan exchange student who came to Hawaii to study, married a fellow student at the University of Hawai
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Who named barack obama's dog?

I think it was a family decision, but the President may havesuggested the name, Bo, after Bo Diddley.
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What is Barack Obama's son named?

The president does not have a son. This is a very frequently quoted internet rumor, with no facts to support it. On the other hand, the president's father (whose name was also