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itunes it is about 99 cents/99 pence to get one kinda expensive but itunes is really good quality even better than CD quality that's how good itunes is so its worth ur money
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Is downloading songs for free legal or illegal?

It depends on the songs, the sources, and what agreements the sites have made with the songwriters and performers regarding the free distribution of their works. In some cases

Is downloading songs from rhapsody free and legal?

no it says on there it is free but idk if it is legal i would look around! it is legal and the first 25 songs are free, just to listen though. you have to purchase the mp3s to

Where can you legally download Metallica songs for free?

There are currently no ways to download any copyrighted music for free legally. Even sites claiming to be legal are not if they are allowing the download of copyrighted conten

Where can I legally download free songs?

If the musicians give the music away on their website for free, itis legal. Otherwise it is copyright theft.