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itunes it is about 99 cents/99 pence to get one kinda expensive but itunes is really good quality even better than CD quality that's how good itunes is so its worth ur money
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Is downloading games for free legal?

The answer depends on the game. There are many freeware and shareware games that are perfectly legal to download and play. Games that are sold in stores are usually not free

Is downloading music free legal?

It depends on what website you're on. Some websites let you download music for free, like bearshare either because the site is paying someone for the music, or the artist is o

Where can you legally download songs in Telugu?

Answer   www.coolgoose.com   Hope this helps     Download free Telugu video songs comedy bits, movie clips, much more at http://www.eenaduclassified.com/telugu

How can you legally download movies for free?

With Netflix, you get as many movies as you want for free. That isn't quite true; you have to pay about $10 a month, but it is still a good deal if you are a person who watche
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Where can I legally download free music?

If you are willing to pay money for music, there are many services that offer music downloads. These include Amazon, iTunes, and more. Other services like Spotify offers milli

Where can you download free legal games?

This game is pretty fun and safe, and is available from wolfquest.org. --- I can personally recommend several other games. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Cube 2: Sauerbraten,

Is it legal to download free music?

  It depends. If it is something downloaded off of freeplaymusic.com, then it is completely fine. If it is a song that would be purchased off of iTunes or Napster, then it