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What is the voltage in Argentina?

220 Volts, 50 Hz   The voltage in Argentina is 220 V @ 50 Hz (vs. 120 V @ 60 Hz in the US). Note that your laptop will work in Argentina, as laptops can accept voltage bet (MORE)

Is Argentina a Peninsula?

No, Argentina is not a peninsula. Argentina to the west is Chile which blocks Argentina from the Pacific ocean. Therefore Argentina has water on the east facing the Atlantic o (MORE)

What is Argentina named after?

It is named after Argent (Latin word for Silver). The Latin word is in turn derived from the Sanskrit word for 'silvery gleaming' or 'silvery white' Arjuna, in turn named afte (MORE)

How did people get to Argentina and who did not originate in Argentina?

First came the explorers, they also brought African slaves, many who died in war and of disease in later centuries after being freed. From the mid-1800's until the mid-1900's (MORE)

When was Argentina in the Olympics?

Argentina has been in every modern Summer Olympics except 1896, 1904, 1912, and 1980. They have won a total of 60 medals (15 gold, 23 silver, 22 bronze) in the Summer Games, 2 (MORE)

Products of Argentina?

There are a wide variety of products from Argentina. Some of these  include sunflower seeds, lemons, soybeans, grapes, corn, tobacco,  peanuts, tea, wheat, as well as livest (MORE)

How can you get to Argentina?

You can't drive to Argentina. The Darien Gap in Panama is  impassible. Beyond that is Columbia which is very unsafe to drive.  Kidnappings and robberies are the norm. You ca (MORE)

How do you say how are you in Argentina?

To be honest, Spanish is the official language. There are some ways to say different things, yes, but the right way to say "How are you?" in Spanish is "¿Cómo está usted?", (MORE)