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Who do you chat with on Facebook?

When your friends are online, at the botom of your page there will be a button called Chat (1) eg. (how many friends are online) and you click on it and select a friend to sta (MORE)

What does poking on Facebook do?

It doesn't really do anything it's just like physically poking someone just through the computer..its a pointless thing on facebook
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What is Facebook?

Facebook is a website for people to socialize and play fun games  chat with each others knows the birthdays of other.
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Should Facebook and Facebooking be capitalized?

Yes, it should. As you can see from the 'Terms' on the Facebook site, 'Facebook' is always capitalized. The logo has nothing to do with if it should be capitalized or not. F (MORE)

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What is Facebook about?

Facebook Is a social networking site that means you can interact  with friends, relative, or people you know. You can play games,  post pictures, set a status, chat with you (MORE)