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Developed by Playfish, Restaurant City is a free social network game where players stock up ingredients and cook up variety of dishes. The game allows players to own a restaurant, serve menus and gain Gourmet Points.

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How much does it cost to rent restaurant space?

There are too many variable to answer this question. Which city, urban or suburbs. High or low traffic area. Quality of the building... You get the idea. Maybe this link will help though .

along with this, it will depend on the location where you are renting the space, how big or small the space is, what facilities are being offered along with the space, what is the reputation of that area, what kind of people frequent that area as it will directly affect your sales and the rent too.. and if the economy is up or down.

I would indeed agree to the location of where you live is based on the cost of living that is in your country or state. One owner who sold his bakery for example sold the franchise for about 25,000 which in turn did not included the rent. The business you would already need to have a plan on what it would cost to manage the business. Many business start out slow and some business offer promotions and other means to get more customers to your store. Most rental fees cost around 1,000 for the electric power and water. Start out with something small and then build from the that. Business owner's are now using their personal property to conduct business these days, but again all must register for a business license to conduct any sales of goods or services. Contact your local state or government's Department of Revenue and Tax business branch as well as your H&R Block agencies for more information.


The rental cost is not nearly as important as the business plan to maximize the restaurant. That includes (or should!) well beyond the plan to get diners in paying for supper. You need to look at demographics of those likely to frequent your place, similar competition, foot traffic patterns, etc PLUS develop your outside sales plan asap. That can be as simple as advertising dinners to go (perhaps at a discounted rate for 4 or more); and as extreme asd weddings & other catered events completed off-premise.

Look at the LAYOUT & FLOW of the kitchen- is there room to prep the types of food you want to serve- for instance- if you want lots of fancy knife work & carving or to break daown primal cuts of meat as wellas bake ckes- make sure there's enough room for the cooks to operate safely. Plus refrigeration- either separate coolers or zones in a walk-in for poultry/meat/seafood (around 32*F, fresh produce (40*F), dairy (low 30s), and prepared foods. Look at all this & do your demo plan. If homework is right, you have a slim chance to succeed (as most close w/in a year)

At least renting beats owning! Unless you, personally, can afford to buy it. Then lease it back to your Restaurant LLC at mkt rate- that way, if you fail, you can rent it to another to keep at least the mortgage being met....

Restaurant City

How do you fire someone in restaurant city?

You click on the person you want to fire, and there will be an option that will fire them.

Restaurant City

Are there any restaurant story cheats for android?

Unfortunately no, but add blueberryummyumm and I'll send you gifts!

Restaurant City

How can you delete your account in Restaurant City?

You can't delete your account on Restaurant City. It is linked to your Facebook account.

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Which city would you find 4 Michelin star restaurants?

Three is the maximum number of stars any one restaurant can receive.

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What if a restaurant overcharges me?

The first course of action is to call the restaurant directly and speak to a manager. If the manager is unable or unwilling to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, call your credit card company, preferrably as soon as possible, and dispute the charge.

Restaurant City

How do you serve customers in restaurant city?

You don't. Your workers will go to them.

Restaurant City

Is Wingers restaurant closed in Park City UT?

i was in park city 2 weeks ago, and my son used to be an assistant manager at the park city wingers. and it is closed at this time

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How to write Sample experience letter in teaching?

Find below one of the sample format of Experience Letter..


_____/HRD/___ Date_____________

Mr/ Ms. ____________





This is to certify that Mr. __________________ ( name of the employee ) was working at ___________________( Company Name ) As _______________ ( Designation of the employee ) from ____________________ ( date of joining) to _______________( last working date ).

During his tenure, we found him to be .....................his services were found to be satisfactory.

We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

For ___________________________



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Did the WWE Restaurant close?

yes as far as i know

Restaurant City

How do you get candy in restaurant city?

There are several ways to get ingredients in Restaurant City. Some ways are easier (or cheaper) than others.

An ingredient like Candy was available for a limited time during the 2010 Christmas season. It could be found in crates in other people's restaurants.

Currently, there are only three ways to get Candy: buying it from the Marketplace using Cooking Cash (i.e. "real money"); trading with a neighbor; and receiving it randomly as a reward for logging into the game on consecutive days.

If you don't want to spend real money, your neighbors won't trade you, and you're tired of waiting for that random log-in gift, then your only hope is to wait until Playfish decides to make Candy a free gift-able ingredient (which may not ever happen, for all we know).

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Where to find cheats for Restaurant City on Facebook?

How To Cheats

1. Go to Redecorate

2. Get a tile in your items.

3. Then drag it out onto the grass so then it should say 2 box.if you keep doing that then you sell the all you could make a lot of money. i am just a kid trying this out please do not up date this because every time i do this it always gets up dated.

DJ. Daniel Nimmo on face-book

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What does the soda dispencer do in restaurant city?

It use to be a just for fun until the summer of 2009 then they added drinks and now they are for serveing drinks! (Must be level 15 to serve drinks)

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What is the purpose of the stove?



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How many different ways can a city health department inspector visit 5 restaurants in a city with 10 restaurants?

10C5 = 252

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How do you start a new game on Restaurant City on Facebook?

Make a new account.

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What are the names of the best bars?

Dick's Halfway Inn - located in Baltimore County, Maryland

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How do you delete your restaurant city account on Facebook?

You can't delete the Restaurant City account by itself. If you want it deleted, you have to delete your Facebook account too.

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How Do You Rate Restaurants in Restaurant City?

1.Go to your street

2.There will be a blue icon in the corner under your pavement that says "Go to random street".Click on it

3.It will take you to a street full of random restaurants that crave to be rated.Don't be too strict with the lower leveled caffes ;) I think no.You can only rate restaurants from people that aren't in your friend's list.

and wola

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Can a restaurant make money at 600.000 in sales?

It might be possible, but highly unlikely. It depends on many factors. What is the product mix? (Profit margins on alcohol are greater than food - do they sell alcohol?) How much is rent? How many employees? Type of operation? A small sandwhich shop, deli or pizza place with 2 or 3 employees and low overhead might be profitable at that level of sales.

Restaurant City

How do you build walls in restaurant city?

you cant

Restaurant City

How do you manually clear plates in restaurant city?

the waiter could do it, but to clear them manually, you just click on the empty plate!~

Restaurant City

What recipes exist for Restaurant City?

Restaurant city all recipes


* Tomato & Basil Soup : tomato, tomato, basil.
* Garden Salad : salad, tomato, egg.
* Chicken & Leek Soup : chicken, leek, leek.
* Cream of Mushroom Soup : mushroom, milk, bayleaf.
* Vegetable Chowder : milk, potato, peas.
* Pea & Bacon soup : peas, peas, bacon.
* Camembert Bread in a Box : cheese, cheese, bread.
* Tuna Fishcakes : tuna, flour, potato.
* Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil : bread, tomato, basil.
* Lamb Samosas : lamb, flour, bayleaf.
* Caribbean Chicken Salad : chicken, beans, salad.
* Lobster Soup : lobster, butter, lemon.
* Pumpkin Soup : pumpkin, cream, chili.
* Sweetcorn Soup : corn, cream, egg.
* Lamb Skewers : lamb, garlic, lemon.
* Onion Soup : onion, garlic, bayleaf.
* Tigger Prawn Platter : prawn, garlic, lime.
* Dimsum : prawn, pork, flour.

* Scary Pumpkin Soup : pumpkin, onion, cream, bayleaf. (*LIMITED*)
* Corn on the Cob: sweetcorn, sweetcorn, butter, oregano. (*LIMITED*)
* Latkas : potato, potato, egg, onion. (*LIMITED*)
* Reindeer's favorite : carrot, carrot, carrot, carrot. (*LIMITED*)

* Meat Platter: pepperoni, sausage, pork, bread (*LEARNED FROM GOURMET KING*)


* Margarita Pizza : cheese, tomato, flour.
* Roast Chicken : chicken, potato, salad.
* Hotdog & Fries : sausage, bread, potato.
* Burger & Fries : bread, beef, potato.
* Pepperoni Pizza : pepperoni, cheese, tomato.
* Roast Beef : beef, carrot, salad.
* Tuna Steak with Vegetables : tuna, potato, carrot.
* Spaghetti Carbonara : pasta, bacon, egg.
* Spaghetti Bolognese : pasta, beef, tomato.
* Chicken Tikka Masala : chicken, rice, bayleaf.
* Tuna Sushi : tuna, rice, wasabi.
* Sausages and Mash : sausage, potato, butter.
* Chili Con Carne : chili, beans, rice.
* Lasagna : beef, cheese, pasta.
* Caesar Salad : salad, bread, egg.
* Vegetarian Fried Rice : rice, tofu, leek, mushroom.
* Lobster : lobster, butter, salad.
* Grilled Rump Steak : beef, potato, salad.
* Yakibuta Ramen : noodles, pork, onion.
* Seaffod Paella : rice, saffron, prawn.
* Mapo Tofu : tofu, rice, chili.
* Pork & Apple Chops : pork, apple, onion.
* Bak Kut Teh : coriander, pork, garlic.
* Three-Cup Chicken : garlic, basil, chicken.
* Mushroom Risotto : rice, mushroom, oregano.
* Lamb with Pomegranate Sauce : lamb, pomegranate, garlic.

* Roast Turkey : turkey, bread, onion, oregano. (*LIMITED*)
* Spooky Pumpkin Risotto : pumpkin, rice, cheese, basil. (*LIMITED*)
* Festive Glazed Ham: pork, bayleaf, butter, orange. (*LIMITED*)
* Gingerbread House: ginger, flour, sugar, egg. (*LIMITED*)

* Chicken Tacos: (ingredients unknown) (*LEARNED FROM GOURMET KING*)


* Fruit Selection : banana, strawberry, apple.
* Strawberry Cake : strawberry, flour, butter, sugar.
* Chocolate Cake with Icecream : chocolate, flour, icecream.
* Strawberry Cheese Cake : strawberry, cheese, flour.
* Pancakes : flour, egg butter.
* Creme Brulee : egg, cream, sugar.
* Pumpkin Pie : pumpkin, flour, sugar.
* Cheese Board : cheese, cheese, cheese.
* Banana Split : pisang, cream, icecream.
* Sundae : icecream, chocolate, cream.
* Mango Pudding : mango, milk, lime.
* Kiwi Sorbet : kiwi, lemon, sugar.
* Exotic Fruit Skewers : dragon fruit, mango, kiwi.
* Pomegranate Parfait : pomegranate, cream, egg.
* Vanilla Panna Cotta : vanilla, sugar, milk.
* Tiramisu : egg, cream, coffee.

* Halloween Treats : sugar, pumpkin, vanilla, flour. (*LIMITED*)
* Apple Pie: apple, sugar, flour, vanilla. (*LIMITED*)
* Mince Pie: flour, apple, egg, raisins. (*LIMITED*)
* Festove Pudding: sugar, raisins, flour, orange. (*LIMITED*)

* Chocolate Mousse: (ingredients unknown) (*LEARNED FROM GOURMET KING*)


* Glass of Water : water, ice, lime.
* Espresso : coffee, coffee, water.
* Coffee : coffee, sugar, milk.
* Tea : tea leaves, sugar, water.
* Chocolate Milkshake : chocolate, icecream, milk.
* Strawberry Milkshake : strawberry, icecream, milk.
* Lemonade : lemon, ice, water.
* Peach Iced Tea : peach, tea leaves, water.
* Bubble Tea : tea leaves, milk, sugar.
* Fruit Smoothie : ice, strawberry, banana.
* Ginger Beer Float : ginger, sugar, icecream.
* Vanilla Hot Chocolate : vanilla, chocolate, cream.
* Saffron Tea : saffron, tea leaves, water.

* Witch's Brew : lime, sugar, kiwi, water. (*LIMITED*)
* Pilgrim's Harvest: pumpkin, apple, ice, water. (*LIMITED*)
* Eggnog: egg, vanilla, cream, milk. (*LIMITED*)

(NO drink to learn from GOURMET KING at this time.)

ps: I have also heard rumors about "Carrot Cake" and "Bowl of Noodles" but I am not sure what that is all about. Possibly recipes still in the planning stages???

Restaurant City

How do you delete neighbors in restaurant city?

delete them from your frndz list on your profile

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Restaurant City

How do you get the cheats in restaurant city on Facebook?

OK i really don't know how to get them but if i were you i would look them up on google because that's what i do


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