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Is Guatemala a country?

Yes, Guatemala is a country in Central America. It is located south  of the Mexican border. It has a seacoast on both the Pacific Ocean  and the Carribbean Sea. The capital (MORE)

What rivers are in Guatemala?

there are 65 altogether, here are a few...Acome, Belize. Blanco River, Chizna, Chixoy, Dulce, Holmul, Ican, Ixcan, Jalapa, Lempa, Moho, Mopan, Nentol, Nim, Nima. Oc, Ostua, Sa (MORE)

Is Guatemala Capitalist?

Guatemala at this point is definitely not socialistic due to a lack of an effective national taxation system. While the government can put strict controls on some aspects of l (MORE)

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What is Guatemala known for?

its known for care,love and there good and friendly with people '' Also it's known for Coffee because the best coffee is from Guatemala. The caffe that you buy in most place (MORE)

When was Guatemala discovered?

Pedro de Alvarado came to conquer Guatemala for the king of Spain in 1523, he found the faded remnants of the Mayan civilization and an assortment of warring tribes.
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Why is Guatemala city the capital of Guatemala?

Answer . I think that Guatemala city is the capital of Guatemala because it is named after Guatemala. The original capital city of Guatemala was Antigua. It was also calle (MORE)