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Who is the President of Moldova?

Nicolae Timofti is the President of Moldova. He became the 4th President of Moldova on 2012 March 23 after being elected by Parliament on March 16. No party had enough seats (MORE)

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What continent is Moldova in?

Answer Moldova is in the continent of Europe. Answer 1. Republic of Moldova is a European country, between Romania and Ukraine. 2. Moldova is also a province in the Easte (MORE)
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Is Moldova in Russia?

Moldova is an European country, between Romania and Ukraine. Moldova is not now a part of Russia. Moldova was integrally an historical province of Romania. Note that after th (MORE)
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What is Moldova famous for?

Moldova is famous fo    1. Wines    2. Women  3. Workers    Also there are the old monasteries, middle age fortresses, fights  with invaders (Tartars, T (MORE)

What animals are native to Moldova?

The European ground squirrel, the Eurasian beaver, the gray dwarf hamster, the forest dormouse, the common vole, and the European pine vole all call Moldova home. The climate (MORE)

What are facts about Moldova?

1. The so called Republic of Moldova, now an independent country, during 1944-1989 a part of Soviet Union, is a historically region of Romania occupied by Russian imperialists (MORE)
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Who are some famous people from Moldova?

Some famous people from Moldova are singers Ion Aldea-Teodorovici,  Dan Balan, Natalia Barbu, and Maria Biesu. Other famous people from  Moldova are Andrei Gamart, Sergiu Ga (MORE)