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Andrew Johnsons hobbies?

He was not much of a hobbyist but he did play checkers and work in  his vegetable garden.   He also had very good his tailoring skills and made suits for few  friends.
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What was Andrew Johnsons childhood like?

He had a hard childhood because he was very poor. His father died when he was three and his mother had to support him and his brother by spinning and weaving at home. He was a (MORE)

Who is Andrew Johnson on the Dollar coin?

Please look at the inscription on the front of the coin. You'll find he was the 17th president of the US, serving the remaining part of Abraham Lincoln's second term (1865-186 (MORE)

Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?

The main official reason was his violation of a tenure in office  law which he was charged with breaking when he fired his  Secretary of War, Edward Stanton. There were a lo (MORE)

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Who was Andrew Johnson?

Andrew Johnson was US President from 1865 until March 1869. He became the 17tj president when Lincoln was killed . Andrew Johnson was elected as vice president with Lincoln in (MORE)

Why was Andrew Johnson not convicted?

While Andrew Johnson was impeached because of his handling of his  job as president, he was not convicted. He missed conviction by one  vote in the US Senate. The senator sa (MORE)

Who was Andrew Johnson vice president?

Andrew Johnson did not have a vice President. Until the passage of the 25th amendment to the US Constitution, presidents who took office when the president died served the res (MORE)