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Area of quadrilateral?

To find the area of a quadrilateral, multiply the length and width  of the figure. The product will give you the area of the figure.

Is there area 51?

Yes, the place named Area 51 does exist, it is also called groom lake for the dry salt lake bed that it is near. It is a U.S. military testing and operations area for experime (MORE)

What are areas of Sociology?

  think of any major area/topic of social life and there's a sociological study of it- to name a few-the sociology of crime,deviance,social control, divisions, (MORE)

Area of strengths?

There are a number of areas of strength that certain people have.  Some people find that they are strongest in dealing with money for  example.

How do you get in area 51?

There are guards posted at key entry points around the base, and there is no "they will pop your tires and arrest you", it is a shoot on site principle, you aren't allowed but (MORE)

What area is the area code 702 for?

The area code 702 covers the Nevada region of the United States. Notable places included in the area code 702 are Las Vegas, Winchester, Boulder City and Spring Valley.
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