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Is it possible to get in Area 51?

Area 51 is a Top Secret military base run by the USA government. They work on Ultra Top Secret projects there. Unless you have a top secret security clearance from the governm (MORE)

Where is Area 51?

Nevada, USA Area 51 is what many call a secret military base at Groom Lake, Nevada., located approximately 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Since the mid-1950s, it has served as a (MORE)

What is Area 51 hiding?

Apparently something that the government doesn't want to tell us. Possibly a type of weapon or some sort that is very dangerous and don't want to show it to the public because (MORE)

What state is Area 51 in?

the US state of Nevada Added: More specifically it encompasses most/all of the area known as Groom Dry Lake.
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What is the area 51?

area 51 is a top secret us military facility. most people think they keep aliens there but it may be not true what they really do is test new jets and other stuff. if you want (MORE)

How do you get in area 51?

There are guards posted at key entry points around the base, and there is no "they will pop your tires and arrest you", it is a shoot on site principle, you aren't allowed but (MORE)

Is there an area 51?

Yes, there is an area 51. It's located somewhere in Nevada and it is where most U.F.O sighting's are seen. It is also a top secret military airforce base and is under secrecy! (MORE)

Is there area 51?

Yes, the place named Area 51 does exist, it is also called groom lake for the dry salt lake bed that it is near. It is a U.S. military testing and operations area for experime (MORE)

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