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What is a ballad about?

Ballads tell a story (narrative) which may have elements of heroism, extraordinary feats, humour, suffering or love lost. These ballads may be in musical style, as in popular (MORE)

What is in a ballad?

a ballad is a poem which includes a story, chorus, rhythm, shape and rhyme. The definition of story is "an account of a real or imaginary event"/the plot or succession of inci (MORE)

What are the rules of a ballad?

The typical British style ballad consists of quatrains (stanzas with 4 lines each), having 8 syllables in the first line, 6 in the second, then 8 again in the third, and 6 aga (MORE)
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What are the elements of ballad?

Ballads are songs or poems that are told in short stanzas.  Traditionally they were passed on orally, so most early ballads  could not be traced back to one author. Ballads (MORE)

Do ballads rhyme?

A ballad(type of poem ) is just like a song , you atleast have to some rhyme in it because there is usaully a rhyme in every song u hear ,u might not notice it everytime but i (MORE)
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What is a contemporary ballad?

A contemporary ballad is a slow love song. Popular contemporary  ballads include songs like Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin or I  Still Love You by Kiss. Bonnie Tyler's T (MORE)