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Where is Barbados?

Barbados is surrounded by water. To the west and south, there is the Caribbean Sea. To the north and east, there is the Atlantic ocean. Barbados is part an island chain stretc ( Full Answer )
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What is Barbados like?

Barbados is like heaven on earth beautifulbeaches,hot spots and there famous Crop over in the summer I am from there so I should know when going to Barbados please be nice cu ( Full Answer )
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How did barbados get its name?

The word "barbados" is Portuguese for "bearded (ones)" -- similarto the Spanish word "barbudos" -- but it is not conclusively knownwhat the term was referring to. It could be ( Full Answer )
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What to wear in barbados?

Swimwear is restricted to beaches/pools. You should wear a t. shirt and shorts/skirt when going into town, etc. Most restaurants require male diners to wear a shirt with a col ( Full Answer )
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Barbados where is that?

Barbados is located at 13 north of the equator and 50 32' west of the prime meridian. Barbados is part of the Caribbean islands and is in North America because even though it' ( Full Answer )
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Is barbados great?

Barbados is reconmmended a great place If You Love Beaches, Adventure and The People are quite friendly so Barbados Is Great!
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What is the nickname of Barbados?

Barbados is most commonly referred to as "Bim". It is also referred to as "Bimshire" and "Little England". Originally, the name Barbados came from "Los Barbados" or "The Beard ( Full Answer )
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Are there jungles in barbados?

in a nut shell, no. there are no 'jungles' in barbados. however, in places there are jungle like conditions. lots of tropical, overgrown plants create a jungle like atmosphere ( Full Answer )
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What can you do in barbados?

Many things. Barbados has many things to offer including: The beaches The food The night life The weather The views And many more things to do and see.