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What is the capital of Bihar?

Answer \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar in North India.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \n Patna is the capital of Bihar and Bihar is a state of India .. patna
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Who is the President of Bihar?

Bihar has a Chief Minister instead of a President. Currently (as of8/2015), the Chief Minister is Nitish Kumar.
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Where is bihar?

Bihar is a state in India. It lies in the eastern region and is the12th largest state by area and 3rd largest by population. itscapital is Patna, which is also the biggest cit ( Full Answer )
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What is Bihars population?

As per the latest Census data, compiled in 2001, the population of Bihar was 82,998,509, making it the third largest state of India by population.\n
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Why Bihar is backward?

The Indian state of Bihar has a low literacy rate, of around 52 percent. This translates to a rate of around 59.7 percent for males and 33.1 percent for females. The sex ratio ( Full Answer )
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Why sex ratio of Bihar is lowest?

Sex ratio in Bihar is way better than majority of states in India. The lowest sex ratio is in Haryana.
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What is the latitudinal and longitudinal extent of Bihar?

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What caste is rai in bihar?

mostly bhumihar brahmin use Rai title in bihar they are in genralcatogary and belongs to upper caste. Rai people are landlords andbig zamindars in bihar
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What is The Rising Bihar - TRB?

TRB is an awakening tale of those young, enthusiastic Bihari people, who met one another on internet, at social networking sites like Orkut and Facebook.It was founded by Shir ( Full Answer )
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Why Bihar called Bihar?

Bihar, to the Buddists, is the Holy Place to visit and live in. Places like Buddhgaya, Sarnath symbolize sacred land associated with meditation and renunciation of Lord Buddha ( Full Answer )