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What is biology?

Biology is the study of science which deals with nature and living  things Community Answer 1    It is a branch of science that studies the nature of life from the  s (MORE)
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Why you study biology biology?

To create a better understanding in life itself, and the world around us from humans to bacteria. The explanation could also be derived from the prefix and suffix in "Bio-lo (MORE)
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What is biology about?

Biology is the study of nature and living organisms. It is about  how living things work. Such as cell structure, DNA and meiosis.
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What is pure biology and applied biology?

Pure biology is simply the facts about the living world. In research terms, it is basic research, describing migrations of birds, or studying molecules for their function. Ap (MORE)

What is coli in biology?

Coli means in relation to the gut or colon. E.coli is the  scientific name (Genus and species) for a common gut bacterium.
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What is a browser in biology?

Usually that refers to an animal who browses. What's browsing in biology? Basically eating from tree leaves and other higher vegetation as opposed to grazing.
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How is marine biology related to biology?

Biology is the study of living organisms.    Marine biology is the study of living organisms that live in sea  water and how they interact with their aquatic environme (MORE)