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How many times did Bob Hope host the Oscars?

18 times. Bob Hope hosted the Academy Awards in the following years: 1940 to 1943 (4x), 1945 and 1946 (2x), 1953 (1x), 1955 (1x), 1958 to 1962 (5x), 1965 to 1968 (4x), 1975 (1 (MORE)

Was Bob Hope in the greatest show on earth?

  YES, both he and Bing Crosby were filmed mixed in with the crowd
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Someone said that Bob Hope got a rubdown massage every night?

I heard this on an interview years ago and have seen it quoted several times that when asked what he attributed his well being too, he said, "I get a massage daily"
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Did Bob Hope have any brothers?

Bob Hope had 6 brothers, he was the fifth one so he had 4 older and 2 younger.
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Why didn't Bob Hope serve in the Armed forces in World War 2?

At age 38 (in 1941) he would have been considered too old for service. Most American entertainment stars did shows for service members, but only from the safety of American sh (MORE)

Who was in 1963 Bob Hope Christmas Tour?

  I was stationed at Wheelus Air Force Base, Tripoli, Libya from October, 1962-March, 1964 and in late December, 1963, Bob Hope's tour arrived at Wheelus. I have the base (MORE)

Where was Bachelor in Paradise filmed Bob Hope 1961?

It's the northern part of the San Fernando Valley, in LA. I think it is Granada Hills, when they first developed it.
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Why didn't Bob Hope join the army?

Hope was a mere fifteen when World War One ended. He was 33 years old, married, and had four children when the U.S. joined into World War Two. Like many people in those circum (MORE)