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Is Buddhism atheistic?

Answer:   Atheist means "no god" so Buddhiss are more non-theist. There is  nothing in Buddhist practice or belief that requires the presence  of a deity or sees any ben (MORE)

Who does Buddhism worship?

Buddhists do not worship any person or deity, including The Buddha. They show him reverence by bowing to his image but we do not say prayers to him. Buddhist prayers are more (MORE)

What are the gods of buddhism?

The truth is there is no god at all in the religion of Buddhism. The closest thing to a god would be the Buddha himself, Prince Siddhattha Gotama. The Buddha just came up wi (MORE)

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism is a one of the six major religions started in Gya, the  place in India. It is based on the teachings Siddhartha Gautama,  known as the Buddha or "awakened one". So (MORE)

What are the rules of Buddhism?

Four Noble Truths 1. Life is suffering (unsatisfactory is a better word.) 2. Suffering has a cause. 3. Suffering can be ended. 4. Follow the Eightfold Path Eightfold Path 1. R (MORE)

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What does Buddhism teach?

Buddhism is the main religion in Japan. It teaches respect for nature, cleanliness, love for simple things, and good manners. About half of the people of Japan are Buddhist. A (MORE)

Is Buddhism true?

Buddhism is an immense philosophy. To claim that it is true would be redundant, as Buddhism is divided amongst many Buddhists with specific disagreements over certain teaching (MORE)

What are Buddhisms beliefs?

There are a great many things that Buddhists believe in such as  reincarnation. These people are very peaceful people that want to  spread peace as well.

What describes Buddhism?

Sometimes when I'm asked to describe the Buddhist teachings, I say this: (1) Everything is connected; (2) Nothing lasts; (3) You are not alone. These first three are real (MORE)

How are you saved in Buddhism?

In Buddhism, true liberation from suffering occurs for a fully  enlightened being. This is the only real safety promised in  Buddhism, otherwise you are subject to the round (MORE)