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Why does cabbage crack?

Cabbage will split open when it is over-mature. Eventually the flower stalk will come up from the bottom of the split. The trick is to know when the cabbage is mature before i (MORE)
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What is a cabbage?

A cabbage is a large vegetable. There are various types of cabbage. Cabbages are usually green but some varieties are cream, red or purplish. For more information, and photogr (MORE)
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Where do you get cabbage seeds?

If one lets a cabbage grow for long enough it will grow to seed as happens with many vegetables that are grown and used before they grow to seed. . below is a link to one of (MORE)

How do you cook cabbage?

As an Asian American, i use cabbage in soups, and stir fry. That's basically about it. It's actually exceptionally tasty when it's boiled to a vegetable soup broth. If stir fr (MORE)
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How do you can cabbage?

Canned cabbage is a very poor quality product. For this reason, we do not have any scientifically researched times for canning cabbage.
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How do you you get cabbage seeds from your cabbage?

In order to get seeds from a cabbage plant, you must let the cabbage flower and then allow the flowers to stay on the plant and get fertilized and then the seed pods will deve (MORE)
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How do you store cabbage?

Keeping cabbage cold will keep it fresh and help it retain its vitamin C content. Put the whole head in a sealed container in the crisper of your refrigerator. Red and green c (MORE)
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What is the legend of the cabbage?

The homunculus lived with some sort of king, that was his master, although the king thought he was ugly, so he called the homunculus cabbage face. The legend of cabbage face e (MORE)
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Does cabbage have fiber?

Yes. The actual amount depends on how you eat it, though, and how much (raw, cooked, etc.). But on average, 1 cup of cooked shredded cabbage has around 3 grams of fiber.