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What nutrients are there in cabbage?

- Vitamine A protects your skin and eyes - Vitamine B boosts your energy metabolism and helps with concentration. - Vitamine C - one cup shredded cabbage implies around 34 m (MORE)
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Why does cabbage crack?

  Cabbage will split open when it is over-mature. Eventually the flower stalk will come up from the bottom of the split. The trick is to know when the cabbage is mature be (MORE)
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How does a cabbage reproduce?

To whomever wrote "assexually, for it is a plant" - well that was not a very astute answer. Many plants do reproduce asexually, but most produce sexually and produce seeds ( (MORE)

What is skunk cabbage?

Skunk cabbage has a foul, skunklike odor. It is found in swampy areas or in wet soil beside streams. It looks like cabbage when it ripens in the autumn, but has no close relat (MORE)
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Is cabbage a creeper?

Cabbage (Brassica oleracea or variants) is a vegetable  crop grown for its dense-leaved heads. It is not a creeper.
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Why are cabbages good for you?

Cabbages are an exellent source of Vitamin C. They containe significant amounts of glutamine, an amino acid that has anti-inflamatory properties. It is a low calorie food usef (MORE)
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Where did cabbage origin from?

what is the origin and extent of cabbage and cauliflower? answer with references. Cabbage is from a group of plants known as the cole crops. The word "cole" derives from the (MORE)
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How do you cook cabbage?

As an Asian American, i use cabbage in soups, and stir fry. That's basically about it. It's actually exceptionally tasty when it's boiled to a vegetable soup broth. If stir fr (MORE)