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Who is Charles cabbage?

Try spelling his name as Babbage and any decent search engine will return thousands of citations.
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What is a cabbage?

A cabbage is a large vegetable. There are various types of cabbage. Cabbages are usually green but some varieties are cream, red or purplish. For more information, and photogr ( Full Answer )
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What is red cabbage?

Red cabbage is one of many varieties of cabbage grown in temperate regions worldwide. Its juice contains the pigment cyanidin, which is used as a homemade indicator of acids a ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook cabbages?

You can deep fry them or boil them. . deep fry-in a deep fryer. . boil-in a pot with water inside it and put it on a stove
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How do you can cabbage?

Canned cabbage is a very poor quality product. For this reason, we do not have any scientifically researched times for canning cabbage.
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How do you you get cabbage seeds from your cabbage?

In order to get seeds from a cabbage plant, you must let the cabbage flower and then allow the flowers to stay on the plant and get fertilized and then the seed pods will deve ( Full Answer )
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How do you clone a cabbage?

Instructions to cloning a cabbage are in this website it's step bystep and it has all the information that you need ( Full Answer )
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Are cabbages alive?

Yes they are alive they walk on the street and you see them every day
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What is muff cabbage?

It's a phrase from Jersey Shore. Snookie says it when referring to a person she thinks is trashy, slutty, garbage, or a loser, etc. It's a stupid phrase and anyone that uses i ( Full Answer )
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Where is cabbage made?

In South Africa where cabbage grown cabbage was not made intil they made cabbage path doll cabbage isnt made it is simply grown at a farm ive seen cabbage farms around where ( Full Answer )