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Who was Karen Carpenter?

Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2 1950 New Haven Conn. - Feb. 4 1983) was a singer and drummer with the American pop group, Carpenters, along with her brother Richard Lynn Carpent (MORE)

What did medieval carpenters do?

Medieval carpenters worked with wood to build things such as houses and other buildings, fences, furniture, tools and weapons.
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What is the entire poem The Walrus and the Carpenter?

The sun was shining on the sea, Shining with all his might: He did his very best to make The billows smooth and bright-- And this was odd, because it was The middle (MORE)

Is charisma carpenter the daughter of Karen carpenter?

No. First) Karen Carpenter never gave birth to any children, son or daughter. She did not adopt any children. Second) Charisma Carpenter and Karen Carpenter are not related in (MORE)

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What does a carpenter do?

Carpenters are vital to almost every facet of the construction industry. They must have expertise in a wide variety of skills that are needed in commercial construction as wel (MORE)

Where do carpenters work?

mainly in constuction sites, my dad is self employed so he does jobs like putting up doors skerting archetrave decking flooring ceiling roofing etc.....good job too pays well

What are carpenter bees?

  Carpenter bees   Carpenter bees, sometimes called bore bees, are large, solitary insects that burrow into wood to lay their eggs and hibernate for the winter.
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