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What is the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing?

Advantages of Cloud Computing Your files can be accessible anywhere with any deviceEven if your laptop or desktop dies, your files are safe elsewhereData is stored elsewhere, (MORE)

Does cloud computing means computing through clouds?

No. Cloud computing means sharing and basically storing your files on the internet a.k.a the "cloud". Its very much similar to how you access your emails from services like gm (MORE)

Does cloud computing offers scalability?

Yes! Cloud computing by definition offers a flexibility and  scalability that bring the computing power of corporate giants to  you, a sole proprietor or a small/medium size (MORE)

When the cloud computing was invented?

Cloud Computing is not a new Technology, Architecture, and methodology. As all of us are aware it is based on an access to almost unlimited computing power, applications or an (MORE)

What is meant by cloud in cloud computing?

A service that is provided and accessed from somewhere over theInternet. It is called "cloud" because IT professionals represent theInternet as a sort of cloud when they draw (MORE)

What are the various services of cloud computing?

 Here are seven different types of cloud computing and a little bit  about what they offer to businesses:    Web-based cloud services. These services let you  exploit (MORE)
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Is cloud technology and cloud computing the same?

Cloud Technology and Cloud Computing is are related terms. Cloud Technology deals with information technology infrastructuresuch as remote servers and data centers mostly hard (MORE)

What is clouding computing?

Cloud computing is defined as a type of computing  that relies on sharing computing resources rather than  having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.  (MORE)

What is a cloud computing?

Cloud computing is technology where client access software,  applications, services and data remotely. This huge network will be  accessed by everyone needing to use specifi (MORE)