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Is coldplay Christian?

Christianity certainly comes out of a majority of their songs, but they aren't Christian. The lead singer of Coldplay definitely believes in God, he just doesn't know who God (MORE)

Who is in Coldplay?

Coldplay consists of four members. They are as follows: Chris Martin - Lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitarist. Jonny Buckland - Lead guitar, backing vocals. Guy Berryman - Bass (MORE)

Is coldplay good?

As one of the biggest freaks of this band, I say that THEY ARE THE MOST TALENTED PEOPLE EVER!!!!! THEY ARE GOOD!!!!

What are facts about coldplay?

15 Facts about Coldplay:   * THEY'RE AWESOME!!   * They're a British band   * Chris Martin: doesn't just sing, he plays piano and guitar for coldplay   * Jonny Bu (MORE)

Are coldplay pop?

Coldplay are probably best described as "alternative." However, their work spans several genres - from alternative rock to electropop (though their rock influences are most pr (MORE)

What is the genre to coldplay?

I would say that Coldplay is a Softrock, Alternative band. That's at least what they say about themselves
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Do coldplay swear?

No. There's only one song by Coldplay that has swearing in it, and that's Lost+ (Lost! with a rap from Jay-Z, who said the word). Word of advice: If you like Coldplay, you'll (MORE)

What is paradise by Coldplay about?

it is about a girl who is growing up and maturing as her life goes on but she still dreams about being a kid and having an imagination like paradise only she eventually finds (MORE)