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Is coldplay Christian?

Christianity certainly comes out of a majority of their songs, but they aren't Christian. The lead singer of Coldplay definitely believes in God, he just doesn't know who God (MORE)

What is Coldplay?

coldplay is a British rock band they are 4 men (chris martin,jonny buckland,will champion,guy berryman) made hot singles like...clocks,yellow,viva la vida? they are my favori (MORE)

Who is in Coldplay?

Coldplay consists of four members. They are as follows: Chris Martin - Lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitarist. Jonny Buckland - Lead guitar, backing vocals. Guy Berrym (MORE)

What inspired coldplay?

There are many people who will incorrectly state coldplay is influenced by bands such as radiohead and U2. Chris Martin, during an interview in 2004, stated the band was forme (MORE)
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Coldplay on the cello?

i am a twelve year old cellist, in 6th grade, and I've been playing since 3rd. my advice is to go to music and arts, or register to smartmusic. smartmusic is this cool site in (MORE)

Do coldplay swear?

No. There's only one song by Coldplay that has swearing in it, and that's Lost+ (Lost! with a rap from Jay-Z, who said the word). Word of advice: If you like Coldplay, you'l (MORE)

Where is coldplay now?

They are on tour and constantly moving On June 25th and 26th they will be in houston then it florida ect

Are coldplay Irish?

No. They are british. Three of them are from England. The bassist is from Scotland.

How famous are coldplay?

They are one of the most popular bands in the world so we can sayyes they are very famous. They sold a lot of albums and they have alot of hits. For example a lot of people al (MORE)