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What is the density of C20H42?

There are two types and many other isomers of C20H42 (wikipedia citation "It has 366,319"; all of them have different physical properties) 1. n-Icosane (alternative spelli (MORE)

Does water have Density?

yes    ===    Answer #1.5 :    Water has mass, and it occupies volume (space). They're both  measurable.    For anything that has mass and occupie (MORE)

Density of Fe?

  The density of iron is rho = 7,860 kg/m³ or rho = 7.86 g/cm³.
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What is that optical density?

Optical density is the measure of the transmission of an optical medium for a given wavelength.Higher OD lower transmittence and vice versa e.g; optical density of 1 means 90% (MORE)
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What is density?

Density is a physical characteristic, and is a measure of mass per unit of volume of a material or substance. Density is mass divided by volume. It is a measurement of the amo (MORE)