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What is density?

Density is a physical characteristic, and is a measure of mass per unit of volume of a material or substance. Density is mass divided by volume. It is a measurement of the amo (MORE)

What can density do?

Density is the measurement of a material which is weighed relative to its volume, it is measured as kg/m3, Aniq khan

What is densities?

it is the proportion between the mass and the volume of an object, you can calculate it with this formula: M(mass) / V(volume)

What is densiti?

Density is the mass per unit of volume. MASS: the amount of matter in an object. MATTER: Anything that has mass and takes up space. VOLUME: The amount of space anything occupi (MORE)
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What has density?

density is the things that sink and float in water or in any other liquid

What can you do with density?

Density is the measure of pounds per square inch it would be important if you designed tanks because you would need to know what density of the tanks armor it would need to be (MORE)
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What is its density?

Density can be thought of as how compacted something is. Density is calculated by mass divided by volume.
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Density is the?

Density is the amount of mass that can fit into a given volumewithin an object or substance.