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Who owns ESPN?

ESPN has been operated as a Disney subsidiary since 1996. It is a joint venture between Disney and Hearst Corporation, which owns 20%. no, no, no, no, ESPN was created was cre (MORE)

What is ESPN gp?

ESPN GP (the GP stands for GamePlan) is a sports package of extra college football games that ESPN sells. You have to call your cable provider to see if they have it. They usu (MORE)

How old is ESPN?

First episode aired in 1979. ESPN launched at 7 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, September 7, 1979. It was the brainchild of entrepreneur and former New England Whalers TV play-by (MORE)

How do you get a job on ESPN?

ESPN is constantly looking for talented people. Simply check their website for the open positions and locations currently available.
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