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How can you get out of Facebook?

- - in the top right corner there is a button that says account , click that and logout will be one of the options - - - Curiious56
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How do you get of Facebook?

you go to profile settings and see where it would say want to cancel i think if you want to logout then you click on account on the top right corner and then click on logou (MORE)

How can you get out of the Facebook?

If you would like to deactivate your account go to profile, deactivate account and then you will have to answer questions. You can come back on anytime. By Ankgorette
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Can you get out of Facebook?

Are you trying to delete your account? If so.... 1. Sign in 2. Click account in the top right 3. Click account settings 4. At the bottom of the page you have an option to "De (MORE)

What are the Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website where you can meet new people from all over the world, you can keep in contact with friends or find old friends. You can also play game (MORE)

What you can do in Facebook?

Facebook is about the sharing of things (feelings,moods,happenings) and keeping in contact with each other ..... with your friends and family....... :D
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