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How do you be fashionable?

Well it depends on what fashion means to you.   Are you into old-fashion, retro, emo style, posh?    Old-Fashion: Same as being posh; don't go into the bonnet things, h (MORE)

How do you get fashionable?

These are just a few things that you can do to be fashionable: 1. read weekly fashion magazines 2. see what your friends are wearing 3. start your own trend 4. copy other peop (MORE)

Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING  _______________________________________________ that is so OTT but  i agree It is Fabulous Babe    here You must have heard some (MORE)

What was fashionable?

that's a good question but i do not no everyone has there own uniqe style so its hard to answer but no this all styles are popular in there own way if you follow the tips of f (MORE)

What do they fashion do?

Fashion helps people around the world show off their personality  People do fashion because they want to show or hide some thing about them
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How do you be in fashion?

You can look at what everyone else (randome teens or people in your age group) are wereing or lok in catologs and magizines. Anothe way is to go to populare stores and see wha (MORE)

How do you be a fashionable?

Everyone has their own idea of "Fashion". I know, it sounds cheesy, but wear the clothes YOU like! If you just like to follow the trends, check fashion magazines, websites, ec (MORE)
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Why get into fashion?

If you want to get into Fashion I would make sure that it's something you love. People get into fashion for all kind of reasons. Maybe they love clothes or designing. Or you c (MORE)

How can you be on fashion?

firstly you need to know the latest trends and know the terminology of fashion , watch fashion weeks, such york fashion week 2010 spring summer collection, it will help (MORE)
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Why do you do fashion?

You do fashion because it makes you look glamourus to other people  and it makes you to be on trend with the latest fashion, also it is  really fun because you can experimen (MORE)