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What is fashion for you?

For me the importance of style and fashion in today's society is much underrated. The way that you look and dress is the first impression that people have of you. In order to (MORE)

What is fads fashion?

A "fad" is something that comes and goes. In the fashion world, "fads" are constantly recycling themselves and obtaining more angles. For example, popular eighties styles (i.e (MORE)

What were the fashions in 1951?

  Women's fashions were still very traditional. Post war affluence meant that hemlines went down. The house dress was the style of choice for ladies, usually a shirt waist (MORE)

What is the opposite of fashionable?

The opposite of fashionable is unfashionable. Other words that mean the opposite of fashionable or trendy: out of date, outmoded, out of style, passé, old-fashioned, dowdyp (MORE)

Why do you fashion?

BECAUSE FASHION IS FABULOUSS DARLING  _______________________________________________ that is so OTT but  i agree It is Fabulous Babe    here You must have heard some (MORE)

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What are fashion websites?

that's an easy one, some of my favorite sites for fashion shoping, or info, to blogs. Sea of, a great blog by Jane. A beutiful girl with a fierce amazing taste. Th (MORE)

Were do you get your insperation for fashion?

When I was ten, I started drawing my own clothes, dreaming of being a fashion designer, now, no matter what job I am going to have, I get my inspiration from the clothes/dress (MORE)

What is ladies fashion?

You can have all kinds of fashion. At the moment the fashion is floral, denim and checkered but this will probably only last until after the summer and then it will be a new f (MORE)

What is fashion choreography?

A fashion choreography organizer helps to create a fashion show.  Working with the designer of the collection, they will decide the  music, tempo, models, background, lighti (MORE)

What is fashionable society?

Briefly, it's that social class that attends and can afford to shop for clothes at designers' fashion shows.          Fashion   From Wikipedia, the free encyc (MORE)