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What is a hamburger?

A hamburger is a type of sandwich. The bread are usually shaped like a circle. All hamburgers have meat in it. You could also add cheese, lettuce, tomato and ketchup like what ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hamburg?

North-west Germany, on the River Elbe. Its location is longitude 53º35'00"N latitude 9º59'00"E. Hamburg is a state in its own right.
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What is in a hamburger?

There is chese usally high in fat,the beef is oily fating and greasy,the tamatoes usally have way to much salt,pickles very oily,and no whole grain bun!
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What is in a McDonald's hamburger?

Two buns a crown and a bottom toasted in a q-toast, then put on a Mcd Hamburger wrapper, then the condiments are added. Unless the burger is speacial default is:. First muste ( Full Answer )
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Why is the hamburger called the hamburger?

In the early 18th century some Germans noticed during their travels to Asia, that the locals would stuff their beef between their saddles while they would ride, to help soften ( Full Answer )
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What is on a hamburger?

Well, there's Ground beef cooked into a patty, cheese, lettuce, bacon, mushrooms, condiments, sometimes mayo, tomatoes, there's lots of things. Basically is it a piece of grou ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a hamburger?

You can get a hamburger by making one yourself, going to a hamburger restaurant, or going to your local fast food joint. Or make your own the way you like it so you save money ( Full Answer )
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Are hamburgers made in Hamburg?

\nYes, along with a great many other places in the world.\n. \nIf you asking if hamburgers are manufactured in Hamburg and exported to the rest of the world, the answer is ge ( Full Answer )
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Where was the the hamburger invented?

Seymour, Wisconsin- by "Hamburger" Charlie Nagreen at the annual Outagamie County Fair in 1884. He was working and selling meatballs, but people were usually in a hurry and th ( Full Answer )