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What made hello kitty popular?

Kitty is the famous fictional character created in 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio. It became the most desirable toy collection among girls of all ages, and a strong role (MORE)

Is Hello Kitty a sign of the devil?

No, she is not. Hello Kitty is not much on a sign for anything. She is just a simple cartoon character that is loved by many people and some people just think that it is okay (MORE)
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What does hello kitty like?

  hello kitty likes teddy bears,rainbows and puppy dogs....she likes lollipops and walking and singing in the rain.   hello kitty likes teddy bears,rainbows and puppy d (MORE)

What is the legend of hello kitty?

THe legend of hello kitty is that this lady her daugter had moud cancer and she was going to die the lady prayed to god so that she would not die but god did not help her so s (MORE)
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How do you make a hello kitty doll?

build a bear workshop has a hello kitty doll. or you could make one out of a white cat stuffed animal and put a bow on it. Hello, Kitty. :)
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Who is Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty is a cute cartoon cat. She has a twin sister called Mimmy, and loves Mimmy's cookies. She also has a Mama and Papa, and her best friend is "My Melody", a bunny. Sh (MORE)
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Is hello kitty considered anime?

Some points of view yes, some no. It's a Japanese Icon. So personally I'd say yes.
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