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What rhymes with horror?

Borer, scorer, sporer and storer, corer, adorer, pourer, roarer. 2 syllables : bohrer, borer, dorer, florer, maurer, mourer, mowrer, rhorer, rohrer, rorer, scorer, sporer (MORE)

What is a horror movie about a horror movie?

Vacancy Urban Legends 3 and also, Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday The 13th A horror movie about a horror movie is almost certainly Terror in the Aisles (1984) (MORE)
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What is eco-horror?

Horror or shock science-fiction films dealing with freaks of natural or man-made but affecting nature- problems- all taken way out of context. Examples include (Frogs) with Ra (MORE)

Is horror a verb?

Horror is a noun, referring to an emotion. The verb horrify means "to cause horror." Examples: He felt horror at the sight of the dead rat in the restaurant kitchen. (MORE)
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What are the advantages of horror?

Horror has it's advantages in giving young directors a provinground. Many great directors started out in the horror genre suchas Sam Raime, Tobe Hooper and Alfred Hitchcock.
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What are facts about horror?

Horror is a genre seeking to provoke a negative emotional reaction from the viewers by playing on the audience's fears.
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Is messangers a horror?

The Mesenger- somewhat mistitled, should have been Girl Knight- is about Joan of Arc. Her execution is shown on screen, but it is not a horror film.
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How was horror created?

well people believe that one night 2 cave men were siting out side and a cave women came up behind them. with only a stick she had sharpened killed him like this for the (MORE)