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How tall was Kim Jong-il?

He was seen to be 5'5" tall (165 cm) but he also appeared to wear platform shoes. Some analysts believe he was anywhere between 5'1" to 5'3", or possibly even shorter. (*Kim (MORE)

When did Kim Jong-il die?

Kim Jong-il's death was announced around noon on December 19, 2011 (Korean time). He actually died on December 17, and the autopsy that determined the cause was heart failure (MORE)

What did Kim Jong Il do for North Korea?

There were many problems with his goal, but the people of the country respect him because they were taught that he united(protected) the country from the "evil" American rule. (MORE)

Do the people in North Korea like Kim Jong-il?

The people in North Korea love Kim Jong IL. They worship him everyday. Of course they have to because they are taught from birth to worship their Great Leader, Kim Jong IL. Ki (MORE)

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Who are the mistresses of kim jong il?

Kim Jong Il had 3 mistresses and one wife. His mistresses were: Song Hye-Rim (1968-2002) Ko Young-Hee (1977-2004) and Kim Ok (2004-till his death in december 2011) His wife wa (MORE)