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About the Korean war?

At the end of World War II, Japan surrendered Korea to the Allies. The country was then divided into two parts, North Korea and South Korea. The United States withdrew its tro (MORE)

What is the Korean War?

  Answer   a war that erupted in 1950 when North Korea, controlled by a communist government, attacked non-communist South Korea. The US came to the aid of South Kor (MORE)

Is Korean War a proxy war?

    Yes, the Soviets were using North Korean troops to invade South Korea. In return for fighting for the Soviet Union, the North Koreans received war equipment and su (MORE)

What did the northern Koreans do to the South Koreans in the Korean War?

It is not a matter of what the North Koreans did to the South Koreans. The Korean war was sparked because of political differences between two political agendas: Communism and (MORE)

Was the Korean war a declared war?

The Korean War was a war between North and South Korea. South Korea begged for help from the United States. They came to their aid in the conflict. The US never declared war o (MORE)

Who was in charge of the south Koreans in the Korean War?

Syngman Rhee. Rhee had originally been an opponent of Japanese occupation in Korea (from 1910 to 1945). He had lived in exile in the United States for many years and studied a (MORE)

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