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Climate of Maharashtra?

Summer: March, April and May are the hottest months. During April and May thunderstorms are common all over the state. Temperature varies between 22°C-39°C during this (MORE)
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Crops in maharashtra?

Crops that are grown in Maharashtra are tobacco, sugarcane,vegetables, turmeric and cotton which are the main cash crops.Maharashtra is very dependent on the production of the (MORE)
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What are the occupations of maharashtra?

Agriculture is the main occupation (64% of the population), withmain crops being rice, jowar, bajra, wheat, pulses, turmeric,onions, cotton, sugarcane, and many oil seeds (inc (MORE)
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What is the no of talakus in maharashtra?

District District Subdivision Tehsils . Sindhudurg district. Kankavli. Devgad. Vaibhavwadi. Kankavli. Malwan. Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi. Vengurla. Kudal. Dodamarg. (MORE)
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What are the tribes in maharashtra?

Gond. Bhil. Mahadeo Koli. Warli. Kokna. Thakur. Halba. Andh. Koli Malhar. Katkari. Kolam. Korku. Gamit.
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What is the landform of maharashtra?

The landforms of Maharashtra are a great beauty to behold. The twomain landforms are Deccan tableland and the Konkan coastal strip.
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What is the slogan on maharashtra?

The slogan on Maharashtra is God's Own Country. This message iswritten on a lot of the different Maharashtra clothing andproducts.
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Who is the president of Maharashtra?

president is only one in whole country..who is Pratibha singh patil for India at present. Pls check ur question again.
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Where is matheran in maharashtra?

In Maharashtra matheran is located in Raigad district. It is wellconnected from Mumbai and Pune by rail way upto the Neral JunctionStation, after neral you will get small Toy (MORE)