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Why is Mali important?

mali in the past was important because: -it was the mane trade route over the nile -had rich supply of gold and salt -had lots of slaves to sell to mostly italy since it was (MORE)
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Why is Mali a LEDC?

  Mali's economic structure revolves around primary-sector industries such as agriculture, fishing, mining etc. These are affected by weather and other natural occurences, (MORE)

Is there a rainforest in mali?

Mali does contain rainforest. According to estimates Mali contains roughly twelve and a half a million hectares of forest (that is 50,000 square miles). Current estimates sugg (MORE)

What are Mali characteristics?

  Human characteristics of Mali are trading, mining and farming.   Physical characteristics of Mali are: Sahara desert, salt and golden mines ,and the   Niger River. (MORE)

What is the religion of Mali?

90% of the population are Muslim, so the main religion is Islam.   Of the remaining residents, 5% are Christian, and 5% practice indigenous religions.
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The fall of mali?

Mali's fall was due to the weakness of the leader that took the place of Mansa Musa, Mali's most powerful leader who died in 1337. After this invaders and uprisings tore apart (MORE)

Where is Mali located?

The country of Mail is located in the NE horn of Africa - it is surrrounded by the countries of Mauritania, Algeria, Guinea, and Niger.
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Is Mali at war?

  Mali has a reputation as one of the more peaceful African nations, and has not been involved in a major war since its independence in 1960. In the 1980s there were two m (MORE)
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When was mali united?

The Sudanese Republic and Senegal became independent of France in  1960 and became the Mali Federation. A few months later Senegal  withdrew and the Mali Federation became M (MORE)