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What is the currency of Mali?

West African CFA franc . CFA franc, the West African CFA franc, Malian franc, Guinean franc and Guinean syli
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How did the mali rise?

The Mali lived in West Africa between 300 and 1324 AD. It beganwhen they took over Ghana because the leaders there lost control ofthe area.
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What continent is Mali in?

Africa The Republic of Mali is locate in the Continent of Africa.To be more specific Mali located in Western Africa.Its boarding countries are Mauritania, Algeria, Niger, Gu ( Full Answer )
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Who was the founder of Mali?

Sundiata Keita , Sundjata Keyita , Mari Djata I or just Sundiata (pronounced: soon-jah-tuh) (c. 1217 - c. 1255) was the founder of the Mali Empire and celebrated as a her ( Full Answer )
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What is mali and ghanna?

who is ghanna and what is his first name. who is ghanna and what is his first name. This is my answer: Mali and Ghanna are both countries in Africa.
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What were the mali?

An empire created by indigenous Muslims in western Sudan of West Africa from the 13th to 15th century. It was famous for its role in the trans-Saharan gold trade.
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Why is Mali important?

mali in the past was important because: -it was the mane trade route over the nile -had rich supply of gold and salt -had lots of slaves to sell to mostly italy since it was ( Full Answer )
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What are facts about Mali?

10 interesting facts: 1. The following items can be taken into Mali without any customs duty: 1000 cigarettes or 250 cigars or 2 kg of tobacco; 2 bottles of alcoholic beverage ( Full Answer )
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What resources are in Mali?

well most of the mineral resources of Mali are lithium, phosphate, clays , marble , and lime stone.
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Can you live in mali?

yes its in london some where lots of people are fat there so watch out