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Is Morgan Freeman prejudiced?

Prejudice is an opinion based off of an assumption, but not actual  experience. Prejudice is usually unfair. Everyone has some form of  prejudice, even when sometimes they k (MORE)

Did Morgan Freeman die in Glory?

YES ... Its sad though remember as they made it to the top of the hill they were aimed at by confederate Calvary and more reinforcement confederate soldiers were waiting ... a (MORE)

How many children do Morgan Freeman have?

4 however, Morgan Freeman does not have any children by his current wife Myrna (1984 to current). Freeman has two sons (Alphonso and Saifoulaye) each from previous relationshi (MORE)

Is Morgan Freeman a Christian?

Morgan Freeman has stated that he is not a man of God. He is a man of "faith" as in: he has faith in science and if it can not be proved using science it is untrue until scien (MORE)

How long has Morgan Freeman acted for?

Morgan Freeman's first professional acting role dates back to 1964.  He had a uncredited part in the movie, The Pawnbroker.' His first  credited role was playing the part of (MORE)
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What Oscars did Morgan Freeman win?

Morgan Freeman has only won one (1) Oscar. He won Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role for: Million Dollar Baby (2004) He has been nominated four (4) other time (MORE)

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Is Morgan freeman an athiest?

Morgan Freeman has stated that he is not sure if he is atheist or  agnostic.   A excerpt from an interview he did with FOX411 back in 2012:    "My belief system do (MORE)