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Why was Moses called Moses?

Answer 1 Moses means drawn up out of the water and that is what Pharaoh's daughter did to him when Moses had been placed in the water and found by her. Answer 2 The name Mo (MORE)
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Who was the stepbrother of Moses?

Moses did not have a stepbrother as neither his father nor his  mother married someone else. If the question means to ask, what the  name is of the Egyptian prince that Mose (MORE)

What did Moses do?

Moses led the Jews out of Egypt under God's guidance (Exodus, first 12 chapters); and he conveyed to them the two stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments (Exodus ch.24), as well (MORE)

Is Moses an Israelite?

Well, actually, no. They weren't Israelites until they went to Israel, which is where Moses led them to. They were called Hebrews before that, and Moses WAS a Hebrew.   A (MORE)
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What is Joshua to Moses?

He was his understudy or apprentice. He was also Moses' successor and took his place when the children of Israel entered Canaan.
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What are Moses?

Moses is a famous Biblical character who is known for many things such as the Ten Commandments and the plagues on Egypt while the Israelites were in captivity.
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When did Moses live?

Moses was born in 1526BC and died in 1406 BC, and Solomon's Temple  was built 480 years later in 966BC. Joseph's family migrated to  Egypt in 1706BC, [All datings Ussher]
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How did Moses die?

Moses climbed to the top of Mount Nebo in the Abarim Range in Moab, across from Jericho. He viewed Canaan, the land to be given to the Israelites, and then died at the age of (MORE)
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Who is Moses to the Jews?

Moses was their leader while they were in Egypt and while they  walked in the desert forty years. It was he who spoke to Pharaoh at  God's command and with the backing of th (MORE)