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Who was Moses?

Moses was a man in the Bible times that brought the Israelites out of Egypt. This was probably the time during one of the Ramesses. . Some non-christian scholars and others, (MORE)
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What did Moses do?

Moses led the Jews out of Egypt under God's guidance (Exodus, first 12 chapters); and he conveyed to them the two stone Tablets of the Ten Commandments (Exodus ch.24), as well (MORE)
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Where was Moses from?

Moses was born in Goshen, Lower Egypt. He was sent in a basket down the nile river. He was found in an Egyptian palace and was taken by the princess. There, he grew up and bec (MORE)
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Who was Moses and what did he do?

well he was a person second answer: and? one of the things he did was when Egypt made the israelites their slaves he freed them third answer: Didn't he also grow (MORE)
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What are Moses?

Moses is a famous Biblical character who is known for many things such as the Ten Commandments and the plagues on Egypt while the Israelites were in captivity.

Why was Moses called Moses?

Answer 1 Moses means drawn up out of the water and that is what Pharaoh's daughter did to him when Moses had been placed in the water and found by her. Answer 2 The nam (MORE)
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Who is the Moses?

-An ancient Hebrew descendant of Levi, patriarch of the tribe of Levi, who stood at roughly 6'4 or 5, weighing roughly 175 lbs, by Arab beduin tradition. -Moses was tall and (MORE)

Why did Moses do what he did?

A: The Book of Exodus says that Moses was motivated by his desire to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt and by his devotion to his God. Almost all scholars, on the ot (MORE)