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What to do in mumbai?

List of Bombay Heritage Walks . The Bombay Samachar Building . The Asiatic Society of Mumbai . Britannia & Co restaurant . Port House . The Royal Bombay Seamans Society ( Full Answer )
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Mumbai to London?

You can go to London from Mumbai by plane. The Mumbai internationalairport is located in the central part of Mumbai. There are around6 flights per day. It takes around 10 hour ( Full Answer )
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Where is Mumbai?

Mumbai is a city located in Maharashtra. Maharashtra in turn is located in India . Mumbai is called the home of the Indian film industry. Mumbaī , formerly called Bombay ( Full Answer )
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How large is Mumbai?

Mumbai occupies around 603 km2 and Mumbai suburbs occupy around1553 km2. It is a small city with over crowded population.
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Why are there monsoons in Mumbai?

The rainy clouds flowing over Mumbai are obstructed by the KonkanGhats or Sahyadri mountains. So, every year Mumbai gets monsoonbetween June to September.
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For what mumbai is famous for?

Mumbai is famous for sightseeings such as Elephanta Caves, Gateway of India. Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, Haji Ali, The Prince of Wales Museum, Taraporewala Acquarium, even a bollyw ( Full Answer )
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What jobs are in Mumbai?

First andforemost, Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It is home tothe National Stock Exchange, and the Bombay Stock Exchange and manymajor private and public sector co ( Full Answer )
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What is the religions for mumbai?

About 60-70 % of the people are Hindus. The remaining are Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jewish, Buddhist, Zoroastrian or Bahaii. All major religions of the world are represented in ( Full Answer )
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How do you decongest Mumbai?

This is very very difficult due to poor city planning. Building more roads and flyovers and getting down tax on cycles and building cycle paths.
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How clean Mumbai is green Mumbai?

Clean Mumbai Green Mumbai is a slogan of Mumbai MunicipalCorporation's CleanUp. Mumbai is actually one of the dirtiest cityin India.