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What do they eat in Nepal?

One of the main foods eaten in Nepal is Dal Bhat Tarkari - Dal is a sort of lentil soup, Bhat is Rice and Tarkari is a cooked vegetables. It is traditionally eaten with the ri (MORE)
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What is the Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country located in Asia continent. In north it borders China and on others it borders India. It is a mountainous country mostly and plain on the southern (MORE)
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Nepal is in what valley?

Nepal is a country. It has lots of valley but the whole country is not in valley.
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Did Nepal colonise?

No. Nepal never colonised. It is one of the few asian coutries that  never colonised. The British East India Company was trying to  colonise it but they could not beat Nepal (MORE)
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Why is Nepal important?

In what sense, as a country? for its past contibutions to the world?, for its topography?, come on be more specific!
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Why is there no navy in Nepal?

really there are no seas next to nepal. what you gonna have lake warfare? LOL just answer my question all so how to do the banzai drop ok? Nepal is beast
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What can you do in Nepal?

vell basically we sit wit our famoly an we sing to chwissmas carols   we eating noodol al de tyme   yano we love maths   it my second langu-age