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What is paul McCartney doing?

Paul McCartney recently married his third wife Nancy Shevell. He had released his jazz-type album called Kisses on the Bottom in Feburary. On July 27th, He performed "Hey Jude (MORE)

When was paul McCartney married?

He was married to Linda Eastman from March 12th 1969 - April 17th 1998. He was married to Heather Mills from June 11th 2002 - March 17th 2008. And he has been married to N (MORE)

Who is Paul McCartney?

James Paul McCartney is a musician, composer and singer. He sang, composed and played several musical instruments for the legendary pop group The Beatles where he was part of (MORE)

Where does Paul McCartney live in Arizona?

He owns a ranch outside Tucson; this is where his first wife Linda died. (Their code name for the ranch was "Santa Barbara", to allow them privacy when they visited. This led (MORE)

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Was Paul McCartney inspired by anybody?

  He was a huge fan of Buddy Holly. I read that, in his younger days, George got to meet him and Paul was sooo jealous. And then not long after, Buddy Holly died. Now Paul (MORE)

Does paul McCartney have kids?

Yes Paul McCartney has three biological kids by Linda McCartney (d.1998)   Mary, Stella and James McCartney. He also has one adoptive daughter Heather who's mother was Lind (MORE)

Why was Paul McCartney a jerk?

Paul McCartney was not a jerk, and although I agree he can be bossy, he had to be. Everyone perceives him as a jerk, when someone had to take charge of the band, and that was (MORE)