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What is Psychology in the Philippines?

The study of psychology in the Philippines is monitored largely by  the Psychological Association of the Philippines, which was founded  in 1962 to promote excellence in the (MORE)

Is the Philippines a state?

The Philippines is not a state in the sense that Nevada is a state of the United States. Sometimes the word "state" means a sovereign and independent nation. In that sense onl (MORE)

Why is Philippines named Philippines?

The Philippines was named after King Philip II of Spain in the 16th century by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. At the time of the naming, Philip was Crown Prince of Spain. NOTE: Whe (MORE)

Philippines what does it take to live in the Philippines?

That is a very broad question. Do you mean how much does it cost to live in the Philippines? The cost of living in the Philippines is much less than it is the USA or other We (MORE)

How Philippines were made?

The Philippines was made a thousands of years ago.. It was made by earthquakes .. According in the volcanic eruption theory , Philippines was made by submarine volcanic erupti (MORE)

What are the origins of the Philippines?

In the ancient times, the Philippines is composed of different kingdoms. The local are having their own tradition, culture, beliefs, and rituals. They lived peacefully until t (MORE)

What is the location of the Philippines?

The Philippines is between 4 degrees 23' and 21 degrees 25' northern latitude and in-between 116 degrees 00' and 127 degrees 00' eastern longitude. the Philippines is in the s (MORE)