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What are pollutants?

Harmful and unwanted substance present in the air pollutants: 1) SPM (suspended particulate matter) eg: dust, soot, ashes etc.
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How do you pollute?

You pollute by using any type of nonrenewable resource, letting toxins get in the air, using many air fresheners... I could go on and on. There is really no way to stop pollut (MORE)
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If there was no pollution?

There will always be pollution, pollutants are given off by natural sources such as volcanoes. Plants needs C02 which is considered a pollutant and would die without it. Human (MORE)
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What can you do about pollution?

One thing you can do is drive less and walk/bicycle more. Carpooling also helps. You can also use public transportation like buses and trains. They seem to emit a lot of pollu (MORE)
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Who does pollution and how?

Pollution occurs when plant workers work in Exxon just let some kind of bad gas into the air and the polluted gas can travel anywhere so wind down the car's window down too mu (MORE)
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How are we polluting?

We are polluting the water bodies in easy acts such as throwing a plastic bottle into the sea. Other than that, loggers that chop down trees indirectly result in water polluti (MORE)
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What can you do about the pollution?

Really it depends what type of pollution. There are many different types. As part of your everyday lifestyle you can make a change by: . Not dropping litter. . Turning o (MORE)
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Who pollutes and why?

Many adults and children pollute. They litter by throwingcigarettes, soda cans, wrappers and so on. They would pollutebecause they probably do not think of what it could cause (MORE)
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What is and pollution?

Pollution is when people put gross stuff in lakes rivers and oceansbut this would not happen if there were so much oil spills.
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What is a pollutant-?

A pollutant is any type of substance in the air that could, in highenough concentration, harm animals, humans, vegetation, and/ormaterials. It is something that is harmful to (MORE)