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How do you get a degree in psychiatry?

  You don't actually get a degree in psychiatry. Becoming a psychiatrist requires an undergraduate degree in any field, as long as pre-medical coursework is completed in a (MORE)

Why is psychiatry related to psychology?

  Psychology and Psychiary Both begin with 'psych' which is latin for 'soul', which refers to the mind. However psychiatry studies the physical mind, ie neuro-chemistry, (MORE)
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What is the difference between neurology and psychiatry?

Neurology deals with the study of the more biological aspects of the brain and how it works while psychiatry deals with the brains cognitive functions. A neurologist looks at (MORE)

What is psychiatry?

Psychiatry is a word. It comes from a combination of two old words - 'psyche' - meaning mind (or soul) and 'iatry' - meaning healing or cure. Psychiatry is also a branch of (MORE)

Does psychiatry involve math?

It does involve math because a psychiatrist often prescribes medication to patients. This means that they went to medical school which requires a lot of math. On a daily basis (MORE)

Is psychiatry pseudoscience?

It is arguable. There are many different types of sciences, such as soft science and hard science and many in-betweens. It is a political minefield. Thus far they have not com (MORE)