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What was Rudyard Kipling known for?

Rudyard Kipling was best known, in his own time, for his poetry and for reviving the artform of the short story. From the mid to late 20th century he was known best as a write (MORE)
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Did Rudyard Kipling have any kids?

Yes he had three kidsJosephine who died of pneumonia at 6, Elsie who died of natural cause, and John who was killed at war at 18 Rudyard Kipling was married, in 1892, to Ca (MORE)

Who are the living descendants of Rudyard Kipling?

  There are no living descendants of Rudyard Kipling. He had three children. His daughter Josephine died at 6 of pneumonia, son John was killed in WWI at the age of 18 and (MORE)

What did Rudyard Kipling celebrate in his writings?

  He celebrated children in his wonderful stories that he. And some were even true stories   He 'celebrated' a number of things, including duty, honor, and military s (MORE)

Where did rudyard kipling live?

Rudyard Kipling was born in 1865 in Bombay India. At the age of six he moved, with his sister, to Portsmouth England for school. At age sixteen he returned to India and remain (MORE)

Who was Rudyard Kipling?

  Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) was a British writer and poet who was born in Bombay, India.   He is famous for his Jungle Book and Just So stories about the Indian jungl (MORE)

When did Rudyard Kipling go to college?

He didn't attend college. He did however attend the (oddly named), United Services College, which was a prep school for boys aged 13-16 intending to enter the military
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