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Whay do the San Diego Padres have a backwards American flag on their jerseys?

Because in military use, ie. on uniforms, planes, tanks, etc, the flag is pictured so that the stars always lead (as if it were flying from a pole that you were carrying with (MORE)

What can you do in san diego?

San Diego is a great city! I live in San Diego and there is everything to do! The beaches are always the first choice, with several to choose from, whether you want to surf or (MORE)

How far is it from San Francisco to San Diego?

    About 8-10 hrs by car , depending on traffic and what route you take.   About 1 hr by plane.
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How did the San Diego Padres get its name?

Since San Diego has Mission heritage (the churches build by Spanish monk Fr. Junipero Serra) they decided to use the Spanish name for father, which was Padre.
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