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What is a saxophone?

Created by Adolphe Sax in 1848, it takes on the S shape and combines elements of woodwind and brasswind design to produce its sound. The saxophone is a kind of instrument.

What are the parts of a saxophone?

The parts of the saxophone include: The Body, The Neck, and The Mouthpiece. A reed is attached to the saxophone mouthpiece using a ligature. A major accessory is the neck st (MORE)

Is a saxophone a membraphone?

No, saxophones are aerophones. Membranophones, generally speaking, are percussion instruments; their sound comes from the vibration of a membrane that is struck. Aeropho (MORE)

What are saxophone repertoires?

The saxophone repertoire is any music written for saxophone, or transcribed for saxophone. This makes this music specific to saxophone and therefore playable on saxophone. Pop (MORE)

What is the role of a saxophone?

The saxophone is often a solo instrument. It can be the only horn in small group. In concert bands and jazz big bands there are sections of saxophones. So they play melodie (MORE)