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What is Second Life about?

It's about escapism and entertainment. Second Life (SL) is a virtual world where the objects and avatars (players) are created by users. The world itself where these players (MORE)

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a virtual 3D world that allows you to do just about  anything. But it also is adictive and sexual and if you have some  one who is saying that game is better (MORE)

What is appealing about Second Life?

Play it for a while and you will see. It is something more than a game and a lot more than a chat room but many approach it like that. They don't last long.  Get in there an (MORE)

How do you buy a house in second life?

You can only buy a house if you are a Premium Member if not, bad luck. If you are a menber go onto their homepage and look somewhere near the top. You should see a button sayi (MORE)

How to rez objects in Second Life?

To rez objects in Second Life it is necessary to find land upon which build is enabled (sandbox's always allow building) open up the inventory, left click on an object and dra (MORE)

Can you get married in the Second Life game?

Yes and no.  You can become officially partnered using the Second Life website to define who you want to be partnered to, to which the other person will have to accept.  Whi (MORE)

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