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Does Somalia have a government?

Somalia does in fact have a government other than the extremist group call Al-Shabaab, but it only spans about three blocks in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. The rest is t (MORE)
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Somalia have oil?

The answer is yes, due to the close proximity of Somalia to the rich gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, Somalia is thought have trillions of unexploited oil reserves. unfortuna (MORE)
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Where is Somalia located?

Africa Somalia is on the southern side of the Horn of Africa (in East Africa). Africa Somalia is a country in the Continent of Africa.
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Why was Somalia called Somalia?

When early Egyptians, Greeks, and others came and approached the inhabitants of present-day Somalia, someone among themselves would utter the word " soo maal" which in fact, (MORE)

Is there oil in Somalia?

Yes but you cant use it because of the war. and they have alot of oil since 1970-2010. Yes, allot of it. One of the most in the world becuse of the location of somalia, Near T (MORE)

Does Somalia have oil?

anywhere there is U.S involved there got to be something they are looking for. more often than not, is is oil. look at afganistan or even lybia ... i did some reseach and to (MORE)
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What is wrong with Somalia?

It was once ruled by Britain and then Italy took over... Somalia  has been through so much. There are also Somali Pirates, Somali  Land Pirates, Child Soilders, Murderers, H (MORE)
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How can you get to Somalia?

Catch a boat. you can comfortably fly to anywhere in Somalia from Dubai, Nairobi, Djibouti, Jeddah, Kampala and per my own views, i will not advise anyone to travel to (MORE)
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What clothes do they were in Somalia?

apart from the modern clothes; men typically wear: JellabiyaSarong-like garment worn around the waistArabic style colorful turbankoofiyadembroidered fezMa'awis on the other ha (MORE)