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What is faster the speed of sound or the speed of electricity?

Electricity. Sound, whether in air, water or a solid such as steel, is a compression wave that moves atoms back and forth. It is slow. In air, the speed of sound is 343 mete (MORE)

What factors does the speed of sound depend on?

Distance, pitch, volume, and temperature. You may not think temperature, but it does play a major role. When it is cold, particles in the air get closer together and form a so (MORE)

What is faster than speed of sound?

Anything that travels faster than 330 m/s (720 mph) at sea level. Objects that break this speed are termed "Supersonic". In liquids and solid materials sound travels much f (MORE)

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What is the speed of sound?

The speed of sound is the velocity of sound through a mechanical (elastic) medium (such as air, water, concrete, etc.). It will vary as the medium through which it travels va (MORE)
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Speed of sound depends on what factor?

speed of sound depends upon:- 1.temperature 2.molecular wieght 3.heat capacity At a constant temperature, the ideal gas pressure has no effect on the speed of sound, becau (MORE)
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How does pressure affect the speed of sound?

It is an amazing fact that the speed of sound in air is essentially a function of temperature only. Even very large pressure changes produce only very small changes in the spe (MORE)