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What is Swedens religion?

Sweden doesn't have a state religion. The largest religion in the  country, however, is nominally the Swedish Church, the FORMER state  religion. A form of Lutheran Christia (MORE)
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Why is Sweden called Sweden?

It is called "Sverige". Sweden is just an English translation. The word "Sverige" is formed by two other words, "Svea" which is an old name for one of the old nations formin (MORE)
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What is Sweden?

Sweden is a souvereign state in the north of Europe on the peninsula of Scandinavia. It borders to Norway and Finland on land. It borders to those countries over seas: Denmark (MORE)

Does Sweden have hurricanes?

No. Hurricanes are tropical systems. Sweden is too far north to get hurricanes. On rare occasions, however, it does get tornadoes.
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Is there tornadoes in Sweden?

Yes, there are tornados in Sweden, but they're very seldomly strong and destructive. The Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute have some photos and information: (MORE)

Where is Sweden?

Sweden is a sovereign state in northern Europe on the Scandinavian peninsula. It lies between Norway (to the west) and Finland (to the east). The Baltic Sea connects Sweden to (MORE)

How do you say Sweden in Sweden?

Sverige (Sv-air-ye) - note that it has two syllables, not three, and the "air" bit is not a diphthong. It appears to be extremely difficult for non-Swedes to pronounce this, (MORE)