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Where is Tokyo?

Tokyo is on the island of Honshu, which is the main island of the county called Japan. Japan is off the coast of China. China and Japan are both in Asia. The Japanese capital (MORE)

What is there to do in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a major global city like New York or London. Visiting for business is different from leisure. Group travel is different from individual travel. So obviously, your (MORE)

If you are from Tokyo what are you called?

The term 'Tokyoite' sometimes appears in the English-language newspapers available in Japan (The Japan Times and the Daily Yomiuri). In the Japanese language there is a specia (MORE)

Is Tokyo Tokyo owned by KFC?

Tokyo is definitely not owned by KFC Tokyo is not owned by anyone in paticular mostly private landowners
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What river is in Tokyo?

The Arakawa River, the Asa River (Japan), the Edo River, the Kanda River, the Katase River, the Naka River (Saitama Tokyo), the Shakujii River, the Sumida River, the Tama Rive (MORE)
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Is Tokyo in danger?

Can't say for certain but experts have waited for an even larger earthquake that will hit tokio. The one that happened Friday was not the one they been afraid off and (MORE)