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What is a toy?

The definition of "toy" (from is the following: "an object, often a small representation of something familiar, asan animal or person, for children or others (MORE)
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What is the toy?

Toys are things children play with like every day, Dolls, Prams, cars, Trains, all toys. Or maybe a dildo which your mom probably uses.
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Where do you get a toy?

Anywhere really, Target would be a nice place to start Yes, I think Target, Toysrus, Amazon, and eBay are good places
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Where is the wizard in toys toys toys?

wizards i can say r entertainment for children my child loves harry potter and he finds it very entertaining to pretend that he is on all the adventures that harry goes on . (MORE)

Why is the plural of toy toys and not toies?

For the same reason the plural of Boy is not Boies. When the singular form if a word ends in a voiceless consonant (other than a sibilant) - /p/, /t/, /k/, /f/ or /θ/, - th (MORE)

What toys are?

Toys are pieces of wood or medal made into a shape and painted to make a toy. It's just like a nutcracker.

How many toys are there in Toy Story?

Well I know there are 14 main characters in Toy Story 2. Woody, Buzz Lightyear, The Squeaky Penguin, Jessie, Bullzie, Stinky Pete, Slinky, the T-Rex, The piggy bank, the other (MORE)
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What toy to get?

You can choose any toys you want. The best place tou can go to is Toys R Us
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Why is a toy called a toy?

The origins of toy is unknown however it is more than coincidental that we were invaded by the Danes and they use the term tøi for this 'play-tool'. Since the German wor (MORE)